Today, ExploraScience has "borrowed" the basement of ICISE to organize a workshop for some 20 pupils of Vo Van Dung primary school. The children (age 10-12) formed 4 groups and alternatively went through our prepared battle fields: building bridges, color separation, color composition, cut and glue etc. I love the word battle field because these games are designed to not be difficult, but the members of a team have to work together to fill out their answer sheets.

For each group of pupils to have at least 1 animator, ExploraScience has mobilized most of our technical staff. Special thanks to our lovely volunteers from Physics Department of the University of Quy Nhon who came to help us.

The active participation of these children is an evidence of the necessity to vulgarise science to every age. But the more little the children are, the more human resources we need. Therefore ExploraScience hopes to know more volunteers in the future.

Testimony of the day from a parent: "We want to see more experiments". Our answer is: Don't worry, ExploraScience will even prepare a refreshment place so that our visitors can take a snack between exhibition rooms !

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