In this region of Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn festival is synonym with the beginning of monsoon. Yet, over 30 people including university students and invited families have come today to “celebrate the Moon”. The party is organized by ExploraScience and kindly hosted by International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education Quy Nhon (ICISE). Despite threatening clouds, we still transport and mount our heavy telescopes, point them toward the sky… with a mere hope that the Moon would appear, even for some short moments. Indeed, that’s what happened while Mrs. Lê was telling the traditional story of the Moon and Mr. Jean-Marie Brom was revealing the truth story of its origin. We were able to observe the Moon through 3 different kinds of  instrument…Not like money, every hobby, when shared, increases the pleasure it brings. Therefore, dear participants, don’t forget to share your amazing experiences and come back to ExploraScience for the next event ! Mid-Autumn 2017

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