Quy Nhon is entering its monsoon season, with the rain every night and it only (somewhat) stops raining at dawn. Nevertheless, over ten students in Physics from the University of Quy Nhon and half a dozen families have come today to the Mid-Autumn party organized by ExploraScience. Special thanks to ICISE which let us use its facilities.

But we owe our ultimate respect to our two specialists in amateur astronomie: Mr. Lê Quang Thủy and Mr. Dương Tuấn Anh. They had a firm belief that, if we transport and mount our human-size telescopes, point them toward, then the clouds will go away, the wind will stop blowing, and even the set Moon will rise again.

Indeed, that's what happened after the participants had been immersed into the traditional tales told by Lê's sweet voice, and after being amazed by the real history of the Moon (aka. law of universal edibility 😉 ) told by Jean-Marie Brom. We were able to observe the clouds Moon through 3 different kinds of  instrument. Here are the things we have learned:

  1. To wear or not to wear eyeglasses, it's not a problem as to use astronomy instruments.
  2. Line jumping may happen to every social class, especially when heavy cloud is coming toward the Moon.
  3. From time to time, upload your personal life on the Internet is a good thing, that's when you spend 5 minutes just to take a much-more-blurry-than-with-naked-eye photo of the Moon with your phone through the telescope.  And do a "facebook check-in" right after.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, every hooby, when shared, increase the pleasure it brings. Therefore, dear participants, don't forget to share your passion and come back to ExploraScience for the next event !

Mid-Autumn 2017

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