Yesterday, ExploraScience took part, and play an important role in the organization of Math Open Day (MOD), initiated by Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) and hosted by Quy Nhon University (QNU).

Math Open Day (MOD), is a series of exhibitions organized by VIASM since 2015. These exhibitions target students and math lovers in general.

ExploraScience had had only a week of passionate work to prepare for this event. On March 2nd morning, everything was ready to welcome MOD’s visitors.

ExploraScience’s staff before the “show”

ExploraScience’s exhibits were displayed in 2 tents. Stepping inside the first one, visitors would be able to see many intriguing mathematical problems. Each one is not simply a highly “addicted” game but has its own interesting story behind.

Our volunteer Nguyen Hoang Nhan explaining the Crossing boat problem to a student of Quoc Hoc high school

The Magic squares attracted many students. Some of them spent several hours finding out the answer.

While there were a lot of challenges in the first tent, it seems more “relaxed” in the second one. Visitors may recall some famous theorems through our visual and tangible wooden sets. The second tent was also an interesting place for children with its magic Ames room.

The kid surprised when discovering an optical illusion through the Ames room.

The Math Open Day ended with so many unforgettable memories. If you like our activities and want to see more similar programs in the future, come and join hands with us.

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