On Sunday, 7th April, 2019, at the Binh Dinh Innovation Hub (BIHUB) of the Binh Dinh Department of Science and technology, ExploraScience in cooperation with  EZONE – an English centre – held an experienced lesson on the topic: Internet of things* for more than 15 Quy Nhon students at the age from 14 to 16.

*Internet of things, commonly known by the abbreviation IoT, is a trend in which the appliances in daily life or in industry, agriculture, state management… are connected to the Internet to have added some new features.

ExploraScience staff exchanges and chats with the students at the beginning of the lesson.

In the lesson, the students were introduced the concept and the general trend of IoT in the world by Mr Vo Le Minh – an expert on information technologies of ExploraScience and Mr. Do Minh Duc – a teacher of EZONE. However, more importantly, the lesson special is that the students could be experienced a number of practical applications that IoT brings. Particularly, in the lesson, students were instructed how to retrieve information about the weather from the Internet and show it on the Raspberry Pi devices, as well as try to use their voice to turn off or turn off the smart lights from a distance.

Mr Minh introduces a device which is super small but can work as a computer.

Mr. Do Minh Duc and ExploraScience staff guide students on how to retrieve weather information from the internet to display on Raspberry Pi devices.

The students themselves practice thanks to the specially designed guidance.

The first experienced lesson about IoT held by ExploraScience ended with many bright smiles on the teenager’ faces. We, the organizers of the program, sincerely thank EZONE and BIHUB for creating all conditions and support so that we could bring this experience to them.

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