On the morning of 10th June, 2019, a group of visitors from Vietnam software Association (VINASA) visited the ExploraScience.

On the occasion of working with the people’s committee of Binh Dinh province on the project of the artificial intelligence centre in Quy Nhon, VINASA visited ExploraScience. Located in the “creative valley” of Quy Nhon, ExploraScience is known as one of the first science buildings.

A few days ago, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, chairman of The Board of Director of FPT group and chairman of VINASA also came here and spent time on our exhibits as well as the science games. It is our honour to welcome many important delegations to ExploraScience. Visitors could enjoy the beauty of architecture here, immerse themselves into the science games. At the same time, they might connect to the projects related to ExploraScience in the future.

A group of visitors are implementing a “challenge” in the math area.

It seems to be that one of the most impressive models for visitors is the Omni globe (a model is used to simulate the planet). With that exhibit, we could not only see but also learn more information about the climate, weather, phenomena occurring on the earth’s surface and the exo-planet. From that, we are able to understand or predict what happened or would happen where we are living.

The group observed the Omni globe with information about the surface temperature of the ocean.

At the end of the tour, the second stage of our project, the observatory under construction, was introduced to the group. It promisingly would be a place to attract the public, they could come here to admire the beauty of the constellations, galaxies, nebulae… through the telescopes. Once completed, the observatory will operate in parallel with 7 exhibition rooms and the planetarium in our main building. In the future, we really hope that this place could become an ideal meeting point for those who love science.

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