60 young children of skills course “Supporting children to be independent based on the Japanese style” at Center of Japanese culture and language, belonging to Quy Nhon university, visited ExploraScience in order to play and experience science together on June 25, 2019.

Along with agreement of the leader of ExploraScience as well as in cooperation with the Center of Japanese culture and language, after finishing the course (from June 18 to 26), the group of students arrived at ExploraScience so as to have an extremely interesting and fruitful extracurricular activity.

Children were finding absorbedly the key for games of Math with the enthusiastic instruction of center’s staff

Accompanying and supporting in this extracurriculum were volunteers from Quy Nhon university at ExploraScience, children had the first time arriving herethe chance to talk with Mr. Duong Tuan Anh, who directly made and assembled experiments and games here and then they could recognize that this place is not particularly for anyone.

Whimsurst – machine of hair-standing up is one of the most special games at ExploraScience

Instead of approaching to new smartphone too early, from then on, children can come back here in order to have chances to immerse in alternatively scientific games which are more attractive and challenging every time.

The children, their teacher (Ms. Keiko Hashimoto) as well as the center staff have a memorial photo before ending the tour.

After coming home, hopefully, they will keep impressively in mind about these beautiful memories and partly scientific knowledge at ExploraScience.

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