On February 14th, 2019, ExploraScience hold the activity for students of class 11 gifted in Physics, which was included in the chain of extracurricular activities for students of Le Quy Don High School for the gifted. This was the first one in year Ky Hoi (Lunar calendar) and, consequently, it was actual special when ExploraScience made a chance for them to become the creators of products rather than merely consumers or evaluator towards them.

Have an initial approach to the activity

In purpose of students’ activity, ExploraScience constantly desired and stimulated the youth to work in group so as to reinforce the collective solidarity as well as enhance the skills of teamwork. For this occasion, as a result, the members of class were also divided into a number of groups before attending to opening activity in room 1 and 5. Interestingly, the secret door of these rooms was gradually opened along with a great deal of wonderful things which derived from particularly scientific items of ExploraScience for them to discover.

The students took part in both enjoying and studying during the tour of exhibition.

When two doors of part 1 were closed, it was the time for the one of part 2 opened continuously with the most exceptional thing of the extracurricular program: an experience towards CNC milling machine – the usefully supporting tool in the process of machining. As a matter of fact, the students of Physics gifted certainly possessed an intensive love for creating products by themselves; when being introduced about these topics of experience, consequently, interest was obviously exposed on the expression of their faces.

Countenances of suspense mixed with interest when the children watched and waited for their accomplishment of group.

Under the instruction of experts from ExploraScience, the students could acquire and write by themselves the commands for milling machine to work as their willing. After that, each group established a favorite content of words, and then imported directly into milling machine to make them carve these words on a wooden tablet. These tablets eventually were the exceptional gifts which ExploraScience gave to them.

The students were with the wooden tablets carved by their ideas on hand.

Through the extracurricular activity which was linked closely with STEM, ExploraScience expressed a wholehearted desire that having been put into the position of creators, these youth would apprehend and know how to connect more knowledge as well as skills together, approach the issue more properly, exert their own expertise in a creative way; and lastly, manage to the trouble ultimately.

STEM education, which has been quite prevalent in US since 2 previous decades, implying the combination towards the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics within schools. To be more precise, students would have a chance to establish projects, create particular products or methods based on the ability as well as knowledge and skills deriving from separated subjects. 

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