After the ending of 1st semester, on January 14th, 2019, the students from class 12A1 of Le Quy Don High School for the gifted, Quy Nhon city, grouped together as well as participated in a competition at ExploraScience.

The activity took place at ExploraScience and lasted over 2 hours with high enthusiasm and concern of all those who attended. Extracurricular activities have been constantly regarded as a vital factor so far in order to support students in bearing the knowledge in mind, and further, flourishing their own interest towards studying.

They have a chance to both enjoy by themselves and compete mutually through physical as well as intellectual activities.

The chain of activities included 6 mini-ones ranging over numerous scientific subjects that these students had been studying in school’s program. Interestingly, a wealth of challenges was thought as effortless-to-solve at first; however, they took unpredictable time to pass eventually. Besides, these youth hold the feeling that activities which required them to work with sterile numbers suddenly became absolutely wonderful!

The part of competition related to simple puzzles (left photo) generated significant hardships to students. Meanwhile, the one of calculation aiming at demonstration of Kepler III’s law (right photo) brought them surprising experiences.

Moreover, students had also a chance to touch as well as visit by themselves some scientific items which were extremely practical application from inherent theories they had studied. It could be said that this was the route supporting students in the most effective acquirement towards knowledge studied at school as well as the inspiration of learning inside them as fast as possible.

Throught the section of HEAL game, these young tried becoming doctors in order to cure tumour of patients.

Despite of being a highly-competitive extracurricular activity between groups, the only and last thing remaining inside offspring seems to be the attitude of mutual solidarity and meaningful span of time.

The students were exciting about listening summary result of each group.

The competition ended with different achievements among groups along with new lessons which they assumed by themselves. Nevertheless, absolutely, a fire of scientific interest was transferred to these students from ExploraScience’s inspiration and enthusiasm. In the near future, ExploraScience keeps a promise that we will held more and more experiencing program in pursuit of an intimate bridge between Science and Society.

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