ExploraScience Quy Nhon

The first position in Vietnam where the public has a chance to visit as explore the Science as well


The Science Complex is expected to become a science-exploring "space" for the children in particular and the public in general, accelerating to convey Science to all the people as well as provoke the interesr along with creativity in Science towards the young deneration

Opening time

Friday - Sunday: 4 servings / session

Morning: 7:45 AM - 11 AM

Afternoon: 1:45 PM - 5 PM

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Science Discovery Zone

Comprising exhibition rooms divided into 7 themes: Solar System, Matter Exploration, Space Exploration, Mars Exploration, Earth and Natural Resources... There's a cosmic image projection room featuring a distinctive 12-meter diameter dome screen, allowing viewers to explore the universe, explain astronomical issues, and illustrate natural phenomena through visual imagery.


Official website

In addition to the main website, the center also has sub-websites such as the Virtual Tour, Astronomy Observatory, BinhDinh Innovation Hub,...


Establishing reliable relationships with partners both domestically and internationally, creating opportunities for innovative and creative collaborations.

ExploraScience Quy Nhon

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