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Quy Nhon University

Quy Nhon University is one of the top three multidisciplinary universities in Central Vietnam, serving as a pillar in Vietnam's higher education system. It is striving to be among the group of key national universities in Vietnam.

BinhDinh Innovation Hub

BIHUB stands for BinhDinh Innovation Hub - a space for 'creative entrepreneurship' initiated by the Binh Dinh Department of Science & Technology, with direct management and operation by the Analysis and Testing Center. BIHUB is a platform dedicated to activities related to 'innovative support for creativity and entrepreneurship'. It aims to foster the startup community and drive innovative initiatives, thereby propelling Quy Nhon towards becoming an entrepreneurial city.

Young Entrepreneurs Association of Binh Dinh Province

The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Binh Dinh Province is a social and professional organization that was established in 2008. It's a voluntary organization comprised of young entrepreneurs from Binh Dinh Province, regardless of their economic background, industry, ethnicity, or religion. The association is dedicated to promoting the development of businesses and the achievements of its members. It contributes to building and developing the province's entrepreneurial force and contributes to the socio-economic development of both Binh Dinh Province and the country as a whole, with the goal of "prosperous people, strong nation, democracy, fairness, and civilization".

Vietnam National Space Center

The Vietnam Space Discovery Center and the Vietnam National Space Center have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a framework for mutual exchange between the two parties, aiming to collaborate and share experiences, resources, and specialized information related to scientific exploration activities, Space Planetarium, Astronomical Observatory, and STEM programs, specifically:
- Exchange information and experiences in implementing activities related to the operation of the Space Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory.
- Collaborate in implementing activities and developing scientific content for exhibitions within the Space Science Complex.
- Mutual support in the development of scientific content for educational films within the Planetarium.
- Develop and enhance STEM programs.
- Collaborate in organizing scientific seminars, expert exchanges, and international cooperation.

S3 Creative Academy

The S3 Creative Academy is a pioneering institution in Vietnam, keeping up with the global trend of STEM education in the field of 'Engineering & Science.' At S3 Creative Academy, students are encouraged to explore, be curious, innovative, and engage in hands-on experiences to achieve tangible results and discover answers on their own. Designing their own experiments, conducting their own observations, and finding answers firsthand instills self-confidence in students. With a mission to spread scientific knowledge to the public, the Science Discovery Center had a working session with the S3 Creative Academy to exchange information and experiences in implementing STEM activities, refining exhibition models, and developing ideas for science exhibits at the Science Discovery Center. The collaboration aims to bring science to a broader audience of students through STEM activities.

Edison Physics Laboratory Center

The Edison Physics Laboratory Center aims to provide a completely new training program that helps students develop both their thinking and experimental skills. With the support of advanced and modern laboratory equipment, students can explore the physical phenomena that occur in their daily lives. This subject offers valuable knowledge to explain many phenomena that occur in life. Therefore, to spark interest in students, they should be trained in observational and analytical thinking to understand the essence of things.

With an experienced and passionate team of instructors, the Edison Physics Laboratory Center has guided multiple generations of students to achieve great results in the field of physics. During a working visit to Hanoi, the Science Discovery Center had a working session on teaching methods for physics combined with interactive models at the center. This was done to implement STEM activities that apply to mainstream education, improve exhibition models, and develop ideas for science exhibits at the Science Discovery Center.

Furthermore, the center collaborated with Mr. Mai Van Tuc, the founder of the Edison Physics Laboratory Center, to organize a seminar on "Creative Teaching and Learning Methods for Physics, Combined with Experiencing Interactive Teaching and Learning Devices." The seminar took place at the Binh Dinh Department of Science and Technology, with participation from the Department of Education and Training, Quy Nhon University, and high schools within the province."

Rencontres Du Vietnam

Recognized and highly praised by the international scientific community for the successes of 'Moriond Meeting' and 'Blois Meeting,' in 1993, Professor Tran Thanh Van, the chairman of these two scientific organizations, began bringing scientific activities (organizing scientific workshops, granting scholarships to encourage talent, etc.) to Vietnam, laying the groundwork for the establishment of the 'Vietnam Gathering Association.' The 'Vietnam Gathering Association' was officially established in France on August 19, 1996, and its official announcement was published in France on October 2, 1996. The association was formed under France's Law of Associations 1901 and is registered as 'Rencontres du Vietnam,' an organization operating in Vietnam under the authorization of the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM), a division of the Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Affairs Committee. Since 2012, the 'Vietnam Gathering Association' has been an official partner of UNESCO.

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