Within the framework of the mission "The Days of Science Outreach at school sites in An Lao and Van Canh districts, Binh Dinh province” of 2022, ExploraScience Quy Nhon has brought these activities to An Lao boarding High School and Secondary School and Van Canh Secondary School.

In purpose of "bringing science closer to the public, especially young people and students", and facilitated by the School Administrator, the program became more meaningful towards remote areas, where students do not have much condition of approaching to this type of experience. Consequently, more than 400 students of all grades participated at each site. They watched the Van de Graaff electrostatic science show, interacting to the phenomenon of "Hair standing-up" that electrostatic generators created. Besides, ExploraScience Quy Nhon also brought various interesting modules and science games such as Tower of Hanoi, Cubes, Magnetic Field, Demonstration of Pythagorean Theorem, Constant equality, STEM activities like Oven Solar energy… All of them were carefully prepared and associated with theorems and principles in Mathematics or Physics which the student had learned to prove that any Science could appear in any corner of our life. Through these modules, the ability to think, create, or work together to solve the challenge of the game was obviously formed, leading to a desire towards science research and thinking eventually.

Experience of students in modules at An Lao district’s schools

Besides, a new feature of this year’s scientific outreach activities was the CORONADO PST 40 Solar Telescopes and a portable Planetarium. It has been also the first time the portable Planetarium was put into use. Thank to this 8-meter-diameter and 4-meter-height equipment which was considered as one of the most attractive and effective method for at-school events with various people, students had a better approach to lectures and movies on the topic of planets in the Solar System.

An experience in the portable Planetarium

In the favorable weather, observing the CORONADO PST 40 Solar Telescopes helped students have a valuable memory to see the orange-red surface of the Sun which was impossible for the naked eye.

Students  and the Sun Telecopes

The Science Outreach Days had provided students at An Lao and Van Canh schools with full of impressive knowledge and experiences. Although it has been the first time ExploraScience Quy Nhon organized this activity at these sites, the children were quickly integrated and built an extremely dynamic and creative playgroud as expressing their intelligence and creativity by fast solving the "difficult" games. As a result, the passion for science and interest in learning were encouraged.

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