From Playing to Learning

Room 5 namely “From playing to learning” is ideally for children of secondary school and over who has a basic ground of Science knowledge; from that, they can play many games or conduct simple experiments by themselves following reading posters of instruction.

Within the space of room, visitors have a chance to freely explore more 20 scientific models as their own interest. Most of them were made at ExploraScience with the support of well-experienced professors. Besides, through approaching each of experiment or game here, basic Science concepts of Physics, Mathematics or Biology and their practical application are expected to convey an intelligible significance to all people.


The bridge is built of wooden blocks and has no any kinds of adhesive or screw. Are you confident enough to cross the bridge just finished?


Whether straight way is the fastest one out of kinds of way or not? Let’s play this game to answer the question.


Only with three basic colors namely red, green and blue; various colors in nature can be created by yourself.


Have you ever seen a tornado in nature? Absolutely, when reaching this room, you shouldn’t miss the chance to look at a mini-size tornado and image of storms captured by satellites.

A special show about electricity: it is interesting and easy to generate the electricity; however, using it so as to render a magic absolutely leads to more happiness for everyone (static-electricity motor, Wimshurst machine, …)

An extremely engaging show of electric spark generated from Tesla Coil 500kV absolutely makes you surprised by the fact that the high-frequency spark can turn on a fluorescent tube in 3-meter distance, demonstrating principle of wireless energy transfer (WET). Last but not least, is it possible that this Tesla’s machine has an ability to play a couple of familiar melodies?

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