A festival of Mid-Autumn came once again, bringing itself with special parties which include Cuoi and Hang – the traditional figures on this occasion towards children. Different from normal nights as usual, a new-found performance based on interest in Science coming from ExploraScience led whole participants, especially fully-dynamic children, throughout various sessions ranging from outdoor games and exhibition zones inside the center to traditional Mid-Autumn specialities as parade of lion dance as well. Indeed, Night of Mid-Autumn at ExploraScience became a bridge not to only provoke the children’s enthusiasm towards Science by self-experience but to also form a lasting friendship between them.

Together to watch parade of lion dance

By a creative way to encourage campaign against plastic waste, over 100 “straw” lanterns were prepared under differently colorful polyhedra, implying a message about recycling plastics from our surrounding objects.

On the other hand, 2020 was the first year that ExploraScience joined the event International Observe the Moon Night. This annual episode is held by NASA, regarding as global quality in purpose of connecting devotees and those who are all curious about Moon together within a cozy night to talk, share and explore more this point. International Observe the Moon Night occurs in September or October, when the Moon is around first quarter ― a ideal phase for observing this natural satellite.

Watching Moon and stars at Observatory

Following to the program, all children eagerly moved to Observatory to see Moon, Jupiter and Saturn through an amateur telescope with its diameter of 40 centimeters. After that, a queue of people was established to enjoy in turn these celestial bodies under instruction of staff.

Moon captured through merely phone cameras and amateur telescope

In fact, Mid-Autumn Festival at ExploraScience was likely fascinating thank to its high probability of meeting, sharing and associating mutually over a common love: admiring celestial body. The activity at Observatory also closed a meaningful night of Mid-Autumn for both children in particular and all participants in general.

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