In the first ten days of July 7, 2019, ExploraScience received the visit of more than 4 foreign delegations. They are the scientists coming from various countries, converged at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) to join in the conference, seminar.

Located about 300 metres to the West of ICISE, the geographical position of ExploraScience is highly convenient for scientists to come and visit. Although these scientists the majority of whom come from developed countries definitely have ever come and visited many famous science centres all over the world, they still wanted to choose ExploraScience in Quy Nhon as their stopover. Therefore, these meeting chances are the great pride for ExploraScience in particular and for Binh Dinh province in general.

A staff of ExploraScience is introducing visitors to general information about the centre. 

Because ExploraScience’s targets are not only the domestic visitors but also the foreigners, the construction of our models, exhibits or experiments were written in bilingual to easily approach everyone.

Visitors are watching the video “Travel into matter”

Thanks to these occasions, we received a lot of constructive comments, which could help us cultivate and learn more not only about professional knowledge, language skills but also soft skills. Those comments are considered as valuable ideas for us to improve the scientific content before officially opening.

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