To make contribution for our mission to disseminate Science knowledge, in 2020, ExploraScience managed to nearly finish 9 new modules belong to 3 main scientific groups namely natural phenomenon, Universe exploration and application of high-tech eco-friendly technology. From that, visitors had a chance to apprehend more thoroughly as well as apply this into our life.

Out of 85 available modules so far, 9 new ones included: Tesla Coil, Van de Graff generator, meteorological station, standing waves, radio telescope, robotic arm, smart glasshouse, forest and life and a game about controlling rocket.

One of the most significant modules aforementioned was high-frequency Tesla Coil – which was more impressive than our previous one. The remarkable point towards visitors was when they would admire by themselves approximately 3-meter “lightnings”. This, in fact, could be briefly explained by the operation of ionizing the air with high voltage. Thank to this demonstration, your circle of knowledge is likely opened more about origin of thunder along with lightning and, simultaneously, the role of Faraday cage as a safety way in daily life.

High-frequency Tesla Coil

Moreover, if reaching here, people could directly learn about weather situation at center such as humidity, temperature and precipitation on the spot through a meteorological station. Understandably, this session brought out several advantages towards both ExploraScience and visitors, especially students, when above statistics were gathered and analyzed which assisted to manage appropriately our infrastructure on the regular basis.

Van de Graff generator also held an attraction for guests when you could acquire the reason why it happened crackle on clothes in the winter which derived from phenomenon of static electricity. To be more specific, the machine possessed a power transmission belt in order to accumulate electric charge within an empty metal sphere on top of an electric-proof pillar, generating a high-voltage but low-current electricity and, consequently, making your hair downside up when touching on its surface to have extremely extraordinary photos.

Van de Graff generator

On the other hand, ExploraScience completed one new exhibition room called Space Exploration and a rocket-controlling game which facilitated our curiosity towards endless universe containing a wealth of thrilling things. Obviously, interactive game always gained more attention from participants due to its vivid experience about rocket technology recently.

Radio telescope

Besides, a radio telescope operated with frequency of 1.42 Hz to gather radio signal from hydrogen clouds within outer space. By these statistics, we could make a map of Universe, studying about its particular self-rotating movement and existence of dark matter over Universe. In other words, the module was regarded as a shortcut for ordinary people to approach to Radio Astronomy in an effective way.

Smart greenhouse

Whenever arriving at this place, it is highly likely that you would be engaged in significance underlying our scientific items. From that, fresh and close sighting about Science, Technology and Nature is what you could gain after coming back. Proudly, in 2020, ExploraScience held successfully 65 programs for students’ experience in many grades that truly excited their enthusiasm for Science to become potential scientists or merely come out with a solution against environment pollution through simple phenomena or experiments. Thus, the more you wish, the more we exert ourselves to erect beneficial modules and programs, aiming to growth as an indispensable address if your destination is Binh Dinh province.

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