Science tourism – a newly-popular concept occurring on more and more local social media – is promised as a strategic route towards Binh Dinh’s leisure industry and ExploraScience could be a proposed highlight by its features.

Stared the construction in 2015, having the mission to outreach Science for vast community, this Center, which was taken the initiative by an international organization namely Rencontre du Vietnam with President being Professor Tran Thanh Van, becomes an obvious demonstration of Science corporation in Vietnam in general and Binh Dinh province in particular. On the other hand, it is widely regarded as the first place in Vietnam for people to experience and explore Science.

Overall view from the height down

Paralleling our development of scientific modules inside exhibition rooms, planning as well as completing a chain of activities based on knowledge frames for each group of students according to grades is a permanent priority of ExploraScience too. Consequently, these games or Science shows have conveyed many basic principles in Physics, Math, Chemistry, … more thoroughly to children that supports their schooling curriculum in a beneficial way.

Science experience inside rooms

Besides, STEAM activity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), which nowadays has an across-the-board influence on most of life angles, is worth for future citizens considering spending somewhat spare time in curiosity and hands-on approach for making something on their own as accumulation of valuable expertise afterward.

Observing celestial bodies with telescopes

Accompanied with precious potential, challenge of pioneer has also placed a large burden on young staff here. Literally as the first address for people to experience and explore Science in Vietnam, in spite of remaining hurdles needed to overcome, the spread of ExploraScience, especially the collaboration with various partners such as Vietnam Space Center, Tay Nguyen University, Quy Nhon University, … partly comes up trump thanks to an enthusiasm together with proactive attitude on preparation from all people here.

Despite being not officially open yet, it is likely one of the ultimate choices of vacation for tourists from both domestic and oversea whenever arriving at Binh Dinh, especially with demand for combination of events as conferences, team-building, …. This clearly shows long-term distinctive potential to promote the growth of regional tourism with Science and MICE (Meeting – Incentive – Convention – Exhibition) tours in detail from ExploraScience.

Outdoor activity with water rocket

Something to wait for us over the length of stay at this site is that you could not only find series of wonder in Science but also admire a gorgeous building through its architectural design and structure. It, thus, gives a sort of answer to the prospective of ExploraScience to turn out a highly appealing destination towards MICE tourism in Vietnam.

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