Continuously the previous success in 2019, ExploraScience in collaboration with Binh Dinh Youth Union hold a practical program namely Knowledge Bus for some schools through the province in November of 2020. Besides the purpose of disseminating Science by scientific games and equipment, this occasion also facilitated approaching a new type of experience for students from miserable areas.

Despite the fact that it was not the first time for ExploraScience to participate in the program, we were still completely dedicated to distinctive performance by a show namely Electricity and Static Electricity. To be more specific, students had a chance to see their hair amazingly to be “downside up” like a fairy. This, absolutely, could be explained that high voltage but low intensity of current when passing the body would not harm participants in place.

Performance of ExploraScience’s staff

Coming from the wish bringing out a true effectiveness, helping students to learn more about Science on the playing basis, we displayed various scientific sessions such as Ha Noi Tower, Magical Squares, BMI Measurement, Hydraulic Robotic Arms, Wondering on Mars, Stomp Rockets, …. Especially, Making Ice Cream without Refrigerator by milk, ice and salt – to know how to have an ice cream through Physicochemical knowledge at home – and a mathematic puzzle called Disappearing Fragments – to find out the reason why the difference in area of two available polygonal figures occur when changing their assembly on a board – were our newly-prepared categories aiming to the surprise of children here.

Students’ experience in Hydraulic Robotic Arms

On the other hand, accompanying with us was a modernly-designed “portable library” which had a built-in computer system connected to Internet along with sets of nearly 5000 multi-topic books all within a minibus. Undeniably, this studying platform was not only to assist students with habit of reading book in order to enhance or reinforce their knowledge for school’s program, but also facilitate thorough development in attitude, moral as well as way of life towards a young generation who were still studying at secondary schools.

Reading book with “portable library”.

Lastly, ExploraScience constantly wishes that we are able to make more and more scientific games and experiments regarded as a lever to wing potential scientists in near future. Thanks to Knowledge Bus, a widespread enthusiasm dedicated to Science is expected to continuously convey within tender children themselves.

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