Quy Nhon University is one of three top-ranking universities about multidisciplinary education and training in the Middle of Vietnam, being a pillar within high-level educational system in Vietnam at the moment and, moreover, exerting itself to reach a position in the group of key universities of Vietnam in the future.

The organization of young entrepreneurs of Binh Dinh province

The organization of young entrepreneurs of Binh Dinh province is a voluntary social-professional association where attracts young businessmen without the discrimination on levels, fields, religions and ethnic in order to contribute partly to the cause developing economy as well as society of the province in particular and the nation in general.

Binh Dinh Innovation Hub

BIHUB, which is the abbreviation of Binh Dinh Innovation Hub, creates a space facilitating for activities about “supporting ideas to innovation and startup”. Proudly, BIHUB aims to stimulate the community of starting business so as to, consequently, make Quy Nhon become a startup city.

Vietnam National Space Center

An agreement between ExploraScience and Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC) has been constituted in purpose of building an coordinating ground about sharing experience and human resources, exchanging information related to science-exploring activities, Planetarium, Observatory and STEM classes.

Creative Center S3

Creative Center S3 is one of the pioneering places in Vietnam where kept up with globally educational trend “STEM” on technology and science. Here, students have a chance to immerse themselves in curiosity, discovering and experiencing to gain an empirical result, and then, find the answers for all their questions. Not to mention, the fact that they can conduct an experiment along with verifying their result by themselves absolutely brings them a self-confidence.

Center on experimentation of physics EDISON

Center on experimentation of physics EDISON whose target is to bring an extremely new program of training dedicates to support students to develop simultaneously quantitative as well as empirical skills. Thanks to the assistance derived from advanced tools of experimentation together with well-experienced and enthusiastic teachers, EDISON Center has directed a wealth of generation who succeeded in Physics.


Rencontres du Vietnam

Thanks to high appreciation from international science community towards success of Rencontres du Moriond and Rencontres du Blois, since 1993, Professor Tran Thanh Van – chair of both science organizations – began to bring scientific activities (organizing science conferences, granting scholarships to encourage talent, …) to Vietnam, setting a preparation for foundation of Rencontres du Vietnam which was officially found on August 19th, 1996. Rencontres du Vietnam has been regarded as an important partner of UNESCO since 2012.

ExploraScience Quy Nhon

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