On the morning of November 30th, 2022, ExploraScience Quy Nhon in cooperation with the Department of Education and Training organized the 1st STEM Day. The event had attendance of more than 200 students and teachers at high schools in Binh Dinh province.

The 1st STEM Day included various STEM activities with a range of topics such as Solar Ovens, Plastic Bottle Musical Instrument Sets, Robotics, Scented Candles, Soap, etc. In addition, together with ExploraScience Quy Nhon, STEAMZone Center (Ho Chi Minh City), Quy Nhon University, and FPT High School also brought interesting experiences at the event. Students could not only apply the knowledge they had learned to create products but also confidently present their result to the crowd.  This is a useful playground for students interested in STEM to have the opportunity to experience and explore, thereby igniting their love and passion for Science discovery.

Group of students experiencing STEM activity Making soap

Through the event, it had attracted more attention and spread this kind of education closer to the public, connecting resources in the field, sharing experiences, and promote the development of STEM education at ExploraScience Quy Nhon. At the same time, thanks to the STEM Day, capacity of teachers and students was enhanced, aiming to the implementation of the STEM education program in high schools in Binh Dinh province according to Instruction No. 3089/BGDĐT-GDTrH dated August 14, 2020, of the Ministry of Education and Training on the implementation of STEM education.

Presentation activities about STEM products by students at the Festival

The success of the 1st STEM Day has partly motivated the staff of ExploraScience Quy Nhon to continue building and developing new programs, consequently, marking the Center as a leading destination for STEM education in Binh Dinh province.

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