According to annual reports, Vietnam is one of the countries which have the highest frequency of lightning appearance in Asia lasting from May to December. Especially by recent years, following to climate change and global warming, lightning has been appearing more regularly. Alert and prevention towards this natural phenomenon, however, is alarmingly in a low degree so far.

This, therefore, provoked ExploraScience to introduce an impressively electrifying show namely Tesla Coil which is able to generate a huge voltage up to 2 million. Let’s remember that our voltage of household electric current is merely 220-240V.

Tesla Coil in ExploraScience

Tesla Coil at ExploraScience is likely an electricity generator which creates an electric current with high voltage (from 50 kilovolts to several million volts) but low current and high frequency by a form as lightning. Then, the air surrounding the high voltage terminal is ionized and able to conduct electricity, allowing electricity to release from the electrode into the air under many forms like corona discharges, brush discharges and streamer arcs which is called Plasma – the fourth state of matter. Along with lightning, the noise vibrates our eardrum with a frequency of 2000 Hz similar to mechanism of thunder in nature.

Where does lightning strike regularly?

On spacious places such as fields, sport yards, parking, … human body is extremely risky by lightning strike due to the fact that we are the highest point within area, especially dangerous in case we hold conductive metals like umbrella, edge tools, … or stand near a tree, car, motorbike, bicycle, …

 What should we do?

Besides Tesla Coil, ExploraScience also made Faraday cage described as an empty conductor with electric field all equal to 0 inside it. When surrounded by this cage, the participant would not be affected by any electric factor from outside in order to enjoy themselves lively lightning spark happening comfortably.

Last but not least, when lightning appears, you ought to find something in iron, aluminum, … and large enough to get in. To take a car as an example, as long as its ingredients possess metal, it is likely to becomes a Faraday cage at that time to shelter ourselves from lightning.

Faraday cage at ExploraScience

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