Recently, in collaboration with the Binh Dinh Provincial Standing Committee (PSC), ExploraScience took part and played an important role in “The Knowledge Bus” campaign on the topic “From experience to creativity”, at 6 campus in Binh Dinh during the period from January to July in 2019.

“The Knowledge Bus” is one of the 2019 campaigns which were organized by the Binh Dinh PSC. The very first activities of the campaign were from 2016, which means that it lasted more than 3 years. During that period of time, having received a lot of positive feedback from not only the children but their parents, the PSC would like to improve the quality as well as change the content of each event in order to create novelties for students.

For each event of “The Knowledge Bus” campaign in this year, ExploraScience contributed brainstorming both the appropriate idea and the scheme.

This year campaign was in turn held at 6 campus: Tran Hung Dao Secondary school (Quy Nhon city), Nhon Binh 1 Primary school (Quy Nhon city), Binh Dinh Secondary school (An Nhon district), Cat Thang Secondary school (Phu Cat district), Hoa An Secondary school (An Lao district), An Duc Secondary school (Hoai An).

To begin for each event is the science show which was passionately performed by the expert of ExploraScience.

Mr Le Quang Thuy (an Expert of ExploraScience) guides on how to use the water rockets model made by plastic pipes at An Hoa Secondary school (An Lao)

After that, the students had more than 2 hours to wallow themselves in the world of science with experiences and games that were created by ExploraScience’s experts. For example, the “Hanoi Tower” game, the “Da Vinci bridge” game, the reflecting telescope, the thermal camera, pyramid puzzle, cube puzzle…

Students join the game with the “Wimshurst” experience
The solidarity of a team in the “Da Vinci bridge” game

Hopefully, through these experienced activities, students would have fun as well as memorable experiences before entering a new school year.

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