Stem classes

Stem classes STEM – which is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – can be defined as a curriculum with the base of educating students in four particular branches of knowledge above by an interdisciplinary and integral approach. Normally, topic-based methods of education are designed to teach and study STEM subjects. To take

Science models

Science modules The first room called “From the particle to Universe” includes scientific topics together with particular content in cooperation with CERN consultants (the European Organization for Nuclear Research). CERN, which is located on the border between France and Switzerland, was found in 1954, being the largest laboratory of “Particle Physics”. Besides, this site has

Science tours

Science tours The program is towards groups of visitors who reach and have a tour at ExploraScience. Depending on particular requirement and time, you can choose the most appropriate package of visiting which is thoroughly designed for your own experience.

Interactive and practical activities

Interactive and practical activities If your curiosity is about how scientific modules are created at our site, let’s take a walk to the workshop of ExploraScience. Interestingly, you will have an opportunity to see by yourselves various machine tools such as CNC and Laser cutting machines, 3D printer, … which are used for machining automatically

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