STEM classes

STEM – which is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – can be defined as a curriculum with the base of educating students in four particular branches of knowledge above by an interdisciplinary and integral approach. Normally, topic-based methods of education are designed to teach and study STEM subjects. To take the topic of Solar System as an example, students are not only taught about the Science-related knowledge of researching Solar System regarding its constitution or property but also:

– The ideas of detecting telescope (relating to Technology)

– The initial approach towards tripods of telescope (relating to Engineering)

– The measurement of distance between stars or planets and their radius (relating to Mathematics)

The classes of STEM at ExploraScience is designed in the form of “playing to learning”, focusing on the growth of creative ability together with team-work skill of students. Hence, it is likely for us to organize STEM with various topics as:

– Robotics: self-designing and assembling the fascinating hands of machine or remote-controlled toys, …

– IOT: transforming electric devices as household appliances as well into smart gadgets which can communicate and controlled through Internet.

– Automation: letting automatic machines substitute us for simple or even boring activities of routine.

– Science and Life: coming up with ideas together to make our life more convenient, safer and happier!


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