What are we bringing to you?

If you have any doubt about the joy and the satisfaction that science can bring to you, then come to us to make up your mind. The satisfaction could be... an unusual selfie background, or the "aha!" moment which make you feel smarter, or when you realize how tiny you are in front of the Universe, and then you feel no more border between countries and civilisations, or when you know that it's you and your body and your brain (not the scientists) the real wonder of the Nature... To be more precise, let's go through the things we are presenting to you in our place!

The Planetarium

You'll forget about the outer world when lying under a Swiss-clock-precise 12-meter aluminum dome, so that the sky you see projected on it reveals all its original beauty. Come to ExploraScience and take a voyage with into the Universe.

Exhibition rooms

Please touch the specimen is our slogan. Our scientific experiments along with for-every-age explanation are designed to be self-manipulated by you ! Time and curiosity, not knowledge, are the only luggage you need to bring when you come to ExploraScience.

Guided activities

If you come as a class or a group, just let us know in advance so that your experience as a group will be more memorable. We have well-trained animators to guide your group through our exhibition rooms. We can also organize private activities on demand.

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